With Video: New Instructions for Tourist Residence Permit in Istanbul 2021

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Tourist residency in Istanbul is now in accordance with new required procedures and documents, which are being applied in the Immigration Department. However, any missing of these documents may prevent the completion of the transaction procedures, and thus the refusal to issue a tourist residency for the first time in Istanbul

The recent instructions to Immigration Department employees regarding the issuance of a tourist residence permit in Istanbul for the first time have sparked a wide debate among foreign residents in Turkey, as a result of some procedures that may prevent the successful completion of the residency transaction


What are the procedures for issuing a tourist residence permit in Istanbul?

The new procedures include submitting the title deed (Tapu) and the number (Tag Numera) by name of the property owner, in addition to another document that the property owner gets exclusively from the municipality, however it was enough before to present a rental contract certified by the Notary only to obtain a tourist residence permit for the first time.


How to deal with the new procedures for tourist residence permit in Istanbul?

In light of the recent instructions applied throughout Istanbul state, the solution to obtain the residence permit is to rent a real residence address from a Turkish property owner, so that the specialized TRUSTUS team can follow up with him to get these papers, and complete the issuance of the express tourist residence.


Are there other solutions to obtaining tourist residence permit in Istanbul?

Recently, our team at TRUSTUS Company succeeded in obtaining a tourist residence permit for two years for the first time for one of our dear clients, by submitting a pledge document to a Turkish national registered in the Department of population, after being certified by a notary, and it is one of the solutions that have proven effective recently.


Has an official decision been issued to amend the procedures for tourist residence permit in Turkey?

Up to this moment, no official decision has been issued by the Migration Department regarding these instructions, but despite that they are being implemented with all seriousness and strictness by some employees in the branches of the Migration Directorates in Istanbul.

Therefore, we advise you to make sure that you submit all the required documents, in accordance with the mentioned legal instructions, with obtaining legal advice from experts, so that your application does not receive rejection after reviewing it by the Immigration Department.

Tourist residence permit in Turkey is issued by the Security Department of the Turkish Ministry of the Interior.

It gives the foreigner the right to stay in the country legally, and then he can work and invest in Turkey if he or she wishes, after completing the necessary licenses, which we at TRUSTUS can help you complete.

Finally, if you want to know more about the recent instructions for obtaining a tourist residence permit in Istanbul for the first time, or if you want to obtain all kinds of residence permits in Turkey, contact us at TRUSTUS, and our team of specialists will contact you to provide the best service.

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