Monthly Financial Statement for Private Companies in Turkey

The legal accounting main role in Turkey is can be varied, the most prominent of which are: securing the monthly financial statement in Turkey and submitting it to the Tax Department in the Ministry of Finance, and recording the company’s invoices on a regular basis, to control its monthly imports and expenses, and accordingly the company’s taxes are calculated or exempted according to specified system.

Introduction to the Monthly Financial Statement in Turkey

The monthly financial statement is a document that is submitted monthly to the Tax Department in Turkey, which in turn reports to the Ministry of Finance, and this statement is submitted by the company’s financial accountant (sworn financial advisor), as the law does not allow any party other than the sworn financial advisor in submit this statement, giving the fact that an authorized employee to address the state departments in this regard.

When the company prepares the monthly financial statement, a simple amount must be paid monthly as tax in favor of the Tax Department in Turkey, the amount of which is only 38 Turkish liras.

In addition, the delay in submitting the monthly financial statement for the company may impose a fine of up to 3.000 Turkish liras on the owner of the company.

Recording Invoices

The company manager must provide the accountant with all invoices that prove the values ​​of total sales, expenses and expenses.

The monthly financial statement in Turkey is submitted to the Tax Department in the Ministry of Finance, as a result of which the value-added tax is calculated at 18% of the total imports for each month, and in the absence of any sales, this statement must be raised even if it is empty, because the delay in raising the statement It means the possibility of getting a fine for negligence.

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