How to Obtain a Treatment Visa in Turkey

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Treatment visa in Turkey is a visa that grants its holder permission to enter Turkish territory to seek treatment in a hospital or medical center in Istanbul or other Turkish cities.

Many foreigners seek to obtain a treatment visa in Turkey, to benefit from high-quality health services within hospitals and health centers in Istanbul and Turkish cities, at the lowest possible costs.

Therefore, in this article from Trustus Tourism, we will discuss the procedures for obtaining a medical visa for Turkey, whether from the Turkish consulate or through the online visa website.

Treatment visa in Turkey

Turkey is no longer a country for tourism and spending the most enjoyable times, but has become an ideal place for medical tourism, as many foreigners from all over the world visit it with the aim of treatment within its hospitals and health centers.

hospitals spread in Turkey with a strong infrastructure where the latest medical equipment and devices, in addition to a selection of doctors and health care providers in all specialties.

Types of medical visa for Turkey

1- Medical visa, obtained from the Turkish embassy.

2- The electronic visa, you can obtain it through the online visa website of the Turkish government.

Documents required to obtain a medical visa to Turkey

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months.
  • 2 personal photos with white background.
  • Hotel and flight reservations.
  • A letter from the health center detailing the treatment and its duration.
  • A bank account showing the movement of withdrawals and deposits for the last 6 months.
  • A travel insurance policy that covers the length of stay and is effective in Turkey.
  • A receipt evidencing payment of visa fees.
  • Copy of the original documents.

How to obtain a treatment visa in Turkey

Turkey medical visa through the consulate

  • Book an appointment to visit the Consulate.
  • Fill out the paper registration form with the required information and attach it with the necessary documents.
  • Handing over the complete file to the employee at the consulate.
  • After obtaining approval, the date of travel is determined.

Electronic medical visa

  • Log in to the visa website.
  • Fill out the registration form.
  • Upload a copy of the required documents.
  • Save and send the electronic registration form.
  • Within 60 minutes, the verification message will arrive in your email, click on the Agree button, then pay the required amount in US dollars within 48 hours.
  • After paying the value of the visa, a link to download the electronic visa will be sent to your email.

Medical visa costs for Turkey

The costs required to obtain a medical visa to Turkey vary according to the length of stay within the Turkish territory, as well as the applicant’s nationality.

But in total, the medical visa fee ranges between 60 and 190 USD, in addition to some other costs related to obtaining the required documents and other expenses.

The validity period of the treatment visa in Turkey


The therapeutic visa in Turkey is issued with a validity of 30/60/90 days, but in most cases, it is approved to be issued for a period of 3 month. However, this will be according to a report issued by the Turkish hospital in which the applicant will receive treatment, stating that the patient needs this period to obtain the necessary treatment.

The visa period can also be extended, if necessary, up to 180 days, by submitting an official application to the Immigration Department, under which the medical visa is easily extended, and in some cases the foreigner is granted a short-term stay in Turkey for the purpose of receiving treatment.

This was a quick preview of how to obtain a treatment visa in Turkey.

If you have any inquiries regarding visa and residency in Turkey, do not hesitate to seek advice from the Trustus Tourist team, to inform you of all procedures for obtaining an entry visa to Turkey as soon as possible, contact us now.

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Sources: Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs + e-Visa website


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