Tips How to Register a Company in Turkey

Companies’ types can vary based on the licensed registration according to Turkish laws, as well as the privileges of each type, based on the authorization granted to them. Therefore, the process of registering a company in Turkey depends on the decision of the company owner, and the great deal of Turkish laws experience.

Below are tips and useful information regarding the registration of a company in Turkey.

Registering a Company in Turkey

The process of registering a company in Turkey is usually practiced by a financial accountant, to represent the company’s owner in order to address the official authorities.

Thus, it’s essential to choose an experienced financial accountant in Turkey carefully, and take into account that he should be familiar with your mother tongue.

Step-by-Step Guide How to Register a Company in Turkey

There are few things should be taken into consideration when registering a company in Turkey:

  • Preparing the basic regulation, and the statute for submission to the official authorities online.
  • Preparing the company's documents:
  1. The company contract signed by all partners and certified by a notary.
  2. Photocopies of IDs and passports of all foreign partners.
  3. Security approval.
  4. An official power of attorney for the lawyer who follows up on the application.
  5. Notarized signature data.
  • Obtaining a tax number.
  • Depositing a percentage of the capital in the bank account.
  • Investing at least 25% of the foundation capital deposited in the bank.
  • Application for registration in the commercial registry office
  • Certification of legal papers by accredited personnel.
  • moreover, the Commercial Registry Office notifies the Tax Office and the Social Security Corporation of the establishment of the company. For the competent tax officer to visit the company's headquarters to prepare his report.

Important Factors when Registering a Company in Turkey

Usually, companies in Turkey can be established within a few days, and it is useful to have an expert lawyer when preparing the required documents in order to avoid mistakes, which is what Trustas provides with high efficiency.

Not to mention the importance to use a highly experienced financial accountant when registering a company in Turkey, also that he speaks a language of your mother tongue, since any further transactions on a regular basis require the need to communicate with the accountant at all times, and to represent the company before the official departments and the Turkish government.


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